Hi guys and gals! I’m Caroline 🙂
I come from the beautiful and rather cold city of Montréal. I am a francophone, with a passion for languages. Evidently, my second language is English. My third is Japanese. My fourth, Spanish. All with different levels of proficiency. AND I have an accent in all of them. It’s pretty fascinating.

I am lucky to have lived in Kyoto and to be currently located in Toronto. The name of this blog, Kyaarori, comes from the mix of my name in Japanese キャロリン (Kyarorin) and the Japenglish word for calorie カロリー (karorii), because I love to eat. Simple enough?

I’ve created this blog to have a space where I can interact with the internet (if that makes any sense) and hopefully with people too.
Let me share my stories, my inspirations (is this Pinterest or what?!), my reflections. I am a clumsy mid-twenties with many dreams and aspirations. Welcome !


Is this trust, is this incomprehension. Isn’t it always a bit of both?


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