My Boom

Anyone familiar with Japanese as it is spoken outside the walls of language textbooks knows about the abundance of words borrowed from English and which have acquired whole new meanings (referred to as wasei eigo, Japanese made English).

This Japanese Life and many others blogs list and explain these neologisms, which, FYI, are used in daily conversations in Japan. They tend to change a lot, go out of fashion, and might not be understood by everyone, but they sure make you look cool if you can use them adequately .

“My boom” is an expression that’s particularly useful because it can be considered enough of a justification for nearly any weird/new/’interesting’ habit you have (obviously, some things are no-noes, but I don’t need to remind you, do I)…. which brings me to this post’s real topic: Lately, I must confessed, I have been obsessing over something. Not a new brand of matte lipstick, singer or food… but over a Youtube channel.

Caution, it gets slightly weirder. This particular channel is called Miniature Space  and the main concept is as follow: Someone making miniature version of dishes, in a tiny tiny kitchen, with tiny tiny knife and utensils. Something to make The Borrowers green of envy.

I’m pretty sure that the real-size knife I use to make real-size food I actually eat is not as good as their tiny tiny one. With thousands and thousands of subscribers, it seems I am not alone in my obsession.

Surprisingly, there are many channels with a similar theme, which is great since these videos have become my nightly sleeping pills. Watching one of these instantly makes me sleepy, not because I’m bored, but because they make me so calm that I can’t help but fall asleep. Look, if someone has the time and resources to build a small kitchen to make small food they won’t eat, film it and have thousands of people watching it… HOW CAN ANYTHING BE WRONG IN THE WORLD.

Having trouble falling asleep? Anxious from all the bad things happening in the world? Here’s the solution! Miniature food videos. Join me in my boom.

Warning, might genuinely make you hungry.