Loving something you’re not great at

Hello again people!

Have any of you ever been to a karaoke?

Not the type where a group of strangers stares at you with drunken, puzzled eyes, but the type where these strangers are actually your friends and y’all trapped together in a private booth. Karaoke à la japonaise they say. To be fair, karaoke in Japan is not a mere hobby, it’s a serious social activity and you don’t mess around with it: it represents a billion dollar industry and hundreds of thousands of karaoke establishments all over the country! There are even some where you can rent a room all by yourself, so you don’t have to limit yourself to your shower anymore.


Not Japan, but close enough

Why is karaoke so popular in Japan? Well, simply put, it’s just an amazing experience… Seriously, Ah-mazing! Especially when (if) you go with people you’re comfortable with. And why is it amazing? First, because you get to sing as loud as you can, dance on the cheesiest songs, while drinking in a private room with your friends. Second, because, with the microphones (an alcohol, let’s be honest it), it’s easy to feel as if you were giving a show. As a plus, it can strengthen bonds with your friends and create memory you probably won’t remember. Or the opposite, choose your camp!

I have had the best nights out at karaokes in Japan and if you ever visit Kyoto, make sure to try out this one (seriously, for about 20CAD you can stay from midnight to 6am and drink as much as you want. Also unlimited ice cream. Convinced yet?).

As a result of these countless nights at Rainbow in Kyoto, I’ve become a fan of Japanese style karaokes. Of course, there are no places that come close to the ones you find in Japan, but there are still some okay ones in Toronto/Montreal. Unfortunately since all-you-can-drink is not a thing here, drinking can get quite expensive and you actually need to listen to your friend’s interpretation of It’s My Life. Bummer.

My sole problem with karaoke is that, well, I’m not an amazing singer. Ok, don’t get me wrong, I doubt I make people cringe when I sing. I was even in my elementary school’s choir, which proves, at least, that I use to have some singing potential. Or at least someone thought so.

Unfortunately, while the choir taught me how to sing right, I never had a powerful, incredible voice. Unfortunately for others, I still LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEE to sing. Maybe being a mediocre singer is for the best… because if I had a great voice, I’d be singing all.the.time. Errday, all day. I’d be singing to people who haven’t even asked for it. Maybe I wouldn’t have many friends, but at least I could sing myself lullabies to feel better. Y’know, the dream.

Well, no matter if I’m not great at singing, I still want to sing and I will keep on singing (sorry, not sorry). Only, with the music loud enough to cover my voice a little ;)… In the end, I guess karaoke is perfect for me (and your ears)!

Talking about powerful voices, here’s a really short video of one of my dear, talented friends. She’s the type of person with such a beautiful voice you don’t really want to go karaoke with them. Ok, I’m kidding. I’d still go with you sweetheart, just, let us all get a few drinks before I do an Adele solo. 😉